Trust Management

Entity Administrator from ViewPoint provides you with a complete knowledge management and administration solution for companies, trusts, funds and other entities. It is a proven resource for statutory and administration workflow, document generation and reporting.


Information Management

Entity Administrator retains and provides instant access to accounts, compliance, statutory, officers, related parties, shareholder and ownership structures, beneficiaries, bank accounts and signatories, assets, securities and transaction information. Entity Administrator also includes a powerful relations viewing feature that provides users with the ability to view all personal, statutory and professional relations between Master Files and the contact and compliance thereof.


Intuitive Workflow

Entity Administrator fulfils the multi jurisdictional requirements of entity management with its intuitive entity model design. To avoid uncertainties, users are presented with screens relevant to the jurisdiction and entity type of the file they are working on.


Accuracy and Efficiency

The comprehensive event linked library of statutory forms, minutes, resolutions, administration and correspondence templates for covers over 25 jurisdictions and can be expanded to additional jurisdictions. To encourage accurate document production, an Event Link prompts users with documents relevant to the even undertaken.


Managing Change

Amending key information such as of frequently used names, addresses, officers and bank signatories, can create anavalanche of administration. To minimise the work involved and to insure accuracy, Global Change will update the entire database and prompt the user with the documents relevant to the change.


Investment and Asset Tracking

Tracking of bank accounts, properties, chattels, investments and securities is an essential aspect of responsible entity management. The multi currency Asset Maintenance function records asset and transaction details entity & wealth management solutions.


Ownership Analysis

Ownerships Analysis provides users with an overview of complex ownership structures in which they can drill down to see the underlying ownership details such as capital, number and value of shares or units held and diluted percentages. This feature integrates with Microsoft Visio and Org Plus (Human Concepts) to provide organisational structure charts.



The comprehensive data fields include best business practice compliance and KYC information. Features such as the document generation and reporting capabilities provide users with the tools necessary to meet the demanding regulatory and statutory compliance obligations of both entities and individuals.