Practice Management

Practice Manager is comprised of three elements Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Time and Disbursements. Each element integrates with the others to provide a single comprehensive solution for the sales, purchase, time charging and recovery operations of professional wealth and entity management organisations.


To support accurate postings and prevent duplication of effort, Practice Manager instantly integrates all posted transactions with Client Accountant to both client and internal accounts.


Sales Ledger

The complete multi-currency Sales Ledger is tailored to meet the needs of the entity management industry. Offering optional draft / pro-forma features it provides flexibility and control to both manual ad-hoc invoicing, individual and batch invoicing of recurring fees - including ad-valorem fees - and settlements. Additional advanced features such as automated fee review, individual client fee agreements, file cloning and invoice templates streamline the debtor management process.

  • Matters and Projects - multiple matters and projects can be created to distinguish the different services and revenue entities related to each client. Credit and retainer limits can be allocated to matters and projects to easily manage WIP.
  • Reporting - a comprehensive suite of reports, for example fee earners performance and debtor control, are easily generated in Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Government Fees - the Sales Ledger includes a feature to manage advance invoicing, recovery, tracking and disbursement of government fees. Arising penalties are calculated and displayed, so users can immediately view the goodstanding of an entity.
  • VAT / Sales Tax - Practice Manager includes a range of service and client configuration features to enable service providers to simplify the management and reporting requirements of VAT / Sales Tax.



Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger reflects best business practice for the recording, monitoring, settling and recovery of expenses and payables.

  • Purchases - To assist you with your accounts payable process and cash flow management, purchase orders can be created for management approval and later cross-referencing with payable invoices. The ability to assign departments to each purchase order or invoice facilities cost allocation, expense recovery and budget management.
  • Settlements and Recovery - Mirroring your settlement process, payables can be settled partially by individual invoice line, in full or in batches of multiple supplier invoices. Integrated with Time & Disbursements, purchases made on behalf of, or incurred in respect of clients and third parties, are recovered by the automatic creation of a disbursement for future re-invoicing.



Time & Disbursements

An easy to use program designed for the real time recording, productivity analysis and recovery of WIP and disbursements.

  • Multi-Tasking - The multi stopwatch feature allows users to start recording time on one task, then if interrupted for another task, start another stopwatch, automatically pausing the first stopwatch. With the ability to have up to five stopwatches in progress at any one time, this module works the way you do.
  • Productivity Management - Productivity targets, relating to chargeable time and services, can be set for each user to view individual and team performance.
  • Flexibility - Multiple fee levels and charging methods, such as ‘rate per user’ or ‘rate per task’, provide flexibility in the recovery of chargeable time.
  • Disbursements - ‘Out of Pocket’ expense, for example telephone, postage and travel expenses, are easily recorded and efficiently recharged, with an option to add a premium to recover administrative overhead.