Client Portals

Client PortalsClient portals are private, secure online informational services that give customers the level of interactivity, flexibility and variety of information and data content that they demand from their service providers. Whether at home, travelling, at work or at play — wherever they are, customers require ready access to their information. The financial services sector is no different, with clients commonly expecting to be provided with online access to their financial data including online banking, online portfolio management and corporate portals. In order to compete in a crowded marketplace, financial services companies must deliver online client access simply to achieve parity with other providers. Differential advantage can be attained by offering enhanced services and highly relevant personalized content online.
The maturation of the Internet has led to an environment where we expect to have access to our own information 24-hours a day, from any location in the world. We have become used to the availability of online banking, online travel booking and on-line information management as a matter of course. Against this backdrop, it is critical for financial services providers to be able to deliver similar functionality to their clients in order to meet expectations and develop loyalty.

The MCS Information Management (IM) solution includes integrated extranet components which quickly and securely deliver unique and dedicated document and information management portals for each customer, regardless of the back end systems or specific sector. These portals are automatically generated and support integrated publishing from the company’s internal information management systems out to individual client portal sites. They also support a straightforward, simple user interface which allows clients to find and work with their own information with minimal support or training. Finally, clients can also be proactively notified using ‘push’ technology of recent changes and document uploads to their site, so that they are kept informed of the latest information.

Benefits of an Effective Customer Portal Solution
An effective customer portal strategy can advance companies toward high performance by delivering a host of important benefits:


  • Lower Costs and Higher Productivity: A customer portal can help providers reduce their operating expenses, thanks to self-service capabilities and more rapid development times.
  • Improved Customer Control Over Rich and Relevant Content: Customers now expect to create, shape, share and receive their own content—accessing it whenever, wherever and however they want.
  • Better Customer Segmentation and Delivery of Relevant Services: Portals can enable providers to target multiple customer segments with as many differentiated and constantly evolving product and service bundles as possible
  • Powerful Aggregation: An effective portal strategy enables providers to aggregate and control innovative suppliers and third-party services, extracting value beyond data traffic.
  • An Improved Customer Experience and Better Service: Portals can help providers offer differentiated customer service capabilities while keeping costs under control.

With advanced self-service capabilities built on easy-to-use interfaces, client portals provide customers with the facility to access information and complete transactions without the need for assistance.