MCS Cloud

Cloud computing is a technique for sharing computing resources and applications in a highly efficient manner, presenting resouces in an easily accessible fashion whilst allowing organisations to improve efficiency and realise more value from the infrastructure. This can be achieved irrespective of an infrastructure’s current implementation, geographic location, or physical packaging. It provides a logical rather than just a physical or virtual view of data, computing power, storage capacity, and other resources.


The technology underpinning cloud computing covers most areas of IT but more importantly business processes, encompassing strategic solutions from the data centre to the desktop and the fast moving mobile space. The benefits available to organisations which invest in a cloud policy and strategy are diverse and far-reaching.


The MCS Cloud addresses business challenges ranging from environmental responsibility to improved business efficiency, and offers a variety of benefits:


  • Cost Savings: Cloud computing enables organisations to dramatically reduce their underlying costs for the hardware they require, their maintenance costs to cover the hardware, utility costs to power and cool, and their operational costs. This allows organisations to simultaneously transition from a capital to an operational based cost model whilst reducing their overall expenditure.
  • Increased Agility: Through cloud computing, a business gains the agility and ability to respond faster than they could have done with an in-house or outsourced environment. This is achieved through the efficient use of on-demand resources and their various cloud computing options such as Software as a Service.
  • Simplified Management: the MCS Cloud provides a uniformed environment with a standardised set of components irrelevant of the underlining technology. This platform delivers a level of consistency and therefore reliability that an in-house or outsourced environment could never match.
  • Guaranteed Data Residency: MCS Cloud provides a guarantee of data residency and jurisdictional regulations across all our locations ensuring your data stays secure and within jurisdiction at all times.
  • Data Encryption: To ensure our clients meet their security and compliance regulations, all data held in our cloud-based services is 100 percent encrypted.