KYC Management

KYC ManagementMCS partners with Truth Technologies, who provide products and services to assist you with all of your Anti-Money Laundering, CIP, KYC, and due diligence needs to address the problems that contribute to $3 Trillion USD in fraudulent financial transactions every year. If you are a commercial or legal enterprise that needs assistance with compliance and fraud control, review our product and service offerings on how TTI can help you prevent and stop fraudulent transactions at your company.


Truth Technologies is a premier software provider of regulatory compliance, fraud detection, and pattern recognition systems for the financial sector and related industries. Unlike some competitors, Truth Technologies does not offer dozens of different products, nor do we repurpose data for different business uses. Because TTI is entirely focused on providing the best AML software at a reasonable price, we've been able to create a next-generation solution that combines best of breed technologies and years of experience in the marketplace.


Truth Technologies primary product, Sentinel™ is a high quality next generation product that offers both superior performance and business value. Sentinel™ is a highly effective secure web-based customisable global customer screening and verification resource for organisations around the world. Features such as remediation work flow, "New Data Alert" and "Continuous Customer Monitoring" feature significantly reduce the time required by compliance staff to review the results of any screening process by up to 75 percent.