Cloud Computing

Offshore Cloud ComputingCloud computing has been the subject of an enormous amount of hype over the last few years and determining whether cloud computing is right for your business can easily become confusing.

There are several considerations when evaluating cloud computing:

  • Whether to adopt a public, private or hybrid cloud solution
  • Which applications or services will be delivered from the cloud
  • How the cloud-based applications and services will integrate with in-house applications and services.


In offshore jurisdictions, public cloud computing solutions are often not viable as businesses who operate in the financial services industry have stringent security policies regarding data which dictates that sending any information to a public cloud is impossible. In this case it is possible to look to private cloud services to assist.


Implementing Private Cloud enables IT departments to provision and manage services rapidly within the business, while having the ability to scale up or down as the business requires. The dynamic resource allocation capability also means that system resources are continually utilised to optimum efficiency. This means your business runs more efficiently and with more agility, whilst maintaining a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


MCS offers a range of professional services which are designed to enable you to get the most from cloud computing services, including consulting and planning, design, implementation, integration and ongoing management.