CloudDesk is designed to allow users to have access to all of their data, applications and their company’s network, no matter their location, the office, during business trips or when working from home. Our solution can place a whole corporate organisation’s infrastructure into the cloud, allowing users to easily share data and core business applications.


CloudDesk adapts to your continuity plan for company wide situations, providing access from anywhere if you need to send users to a contingency site or home. It also delivers a full Windows Desktop experience, unlike Terminal Services or Citrix, allowing a full desktop experience whilst maintaining a centralised and compliant service.


By running this solution in our secure CloudCore infrastructure, we can guarantee the highest level of performance and resilience. With Antivirus provided as a standard, Windows patch management and daily backup schedule, your organisation can be sure it is protected to the highest standard.


  • Agile: CloudDesk enables you to place your desktop infrastructure into the cloud, empowering you to become a more agile and responsive business.
  • Always Available: Our CloudDesk solution is underpinned by high levels of redundancy and availability, meaning your IT Services are always available and responsive.
  • Cost Efficient: Extend the lifecycle of your desktops by turning them into Thin Clients and moving the desktop function into the cloud, CloudDesk can save organisations thousands in capital expenditure.
  • Flexible: An on demand service that adjusts to your organisations need to scale up or scale down, CloudDesk can match your business demands as your requirements dictate.