CloudMail is a feature rich email service hosted in MCS’s offshore cloud. It provides all of the features traditionally found in an enterprise class email, calendar and collaboration system.


Designed to seamlessly support office and mobile workers you can use your preferred browser, your tablet, smartphone or Microsoft Outlook. CloudMail keeps users connected using their choice of device with synchronisation of email, calendar, address book and tasks. It also supports organisations who embrace a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy through cloud computing.


  • Productivity: A Smart Mailbox reduces time spent finding important emails. Powerful and very fast search combined with smart tags, rules and filters increase users’ productivity.
  • Reduce Overheads: CloudMail is patched, upgraded and maintained by MCS and charged on a per user, per month basis, ensuring a significant reduction in IT costs
  • Award Winning: CloudMail has an award winning user interface, built to the latest Web standards. Drag & drop messages into folders, onto Tags or into Calendar entries. The web interface delivers a fast responsive interface.
  • Easy to Use: With a browser-based, natural conversation view, sophisticated calendaring and dedicated search tab with filters, CloudMail is easy to use across all devices.
  • Data Residency: 100 percent of data is held offshore