HR Portals

When you implement an HR portal in your organization, you’ll be able to realize several benefits:


Reduce administrative costs

Remember the days when employees had to fill out paper timecards, managers had to sign each timecard and then send them to the Payroll department, and payroll clerks had to manually process them? All of that becomes a distant memory with an HR portal that includes Business Portal’s Human Resources Management Self Service Suite. The applications in this suite will enable your employees, managers, and payroll clerks to complete their tasks online—saving them time, and saving your company money.


Increase productivity

Your employees have a job to do. By implementing an HR portal, you minimize the time employees spend doing secondary tasks— such as searching for information about the enrollment deadline for the next ESPP offering period, or trying to figure out how much
vacation time they have left. By creating an HR portal, you’ll put this information at your employees’ fingertips, so they can complete these tasks quickly, and get back to their real jobs.


Increase information access

By implementing an HR portal, you’ll provide better service to your employees. For example, employees will be able to find HR-related information themselves, without having to make a phone call to the HR department. Similarly, managers will have information about their team available to them. They can post a job opening or change an employee’s pay rate themselves, quickly and easily. Enable manager access for improved decision making Information is the key to making a good decision. With your HR portal, you’ll put the right information in the hands of your decision makers. For example, managers can view their employees’ performance and compensation history with just a few clicks. Your HR team leaders can perform queries on employee records and quickly find the information they need to make decisions and set goals.